Sara Edquist


I am a current PhD student in zoology at the University of New Hampshire.  Most of my research over the course of my academic career has focused on marine invertebrate ecology.  I have studied hermit crabs, snails, true crabs, sea anemones, comb jellies, sandworms, and more.  I am endlessly fascinated by how organisms interact with each other and their environment.  In my experience, if you're patient and really look at the world around you, you'll see some amazing things.  Next time you're in your garden, look at what's in the dirt.  Or next time you're at the beach, flip over some rocks.  You might be surprised by what you find!

I am especially fascinated by symbioses, particularly parasitic associations, which is the focus of my current work.  I am investigating the role and impacts of a flatworm parasite in the estuaries of New Hampshire.  If you want a glimpse into why I find parasites so cool check these out: