The Importance of Writing it Down

What better way to start our look at the tools necessary for science than by taking a look at the most important tool that every scientist should have: pencil and paper. Even the most cowardly grad student would fight off a horde of muggers, or run into a burning building to save their research notes. 

Why are they so important?

I think that Adam Savage of Mythbusters put it best: 

We don’t just write down the measurements and results, but also the unusual findings, oddities, and minute details. You never know what will be useful later. Countless discoveries have come from observations that weren't a part of the original experiment. 

Every scientist has a different way of taking notes, and we all have different types of notebooks. Take a look at our collection of notebooks. Some are large; some are small. Some have to be weatherproof, others live comfortably in a lab. You can tell a lot about a scientist just by looking at their notebook (before you even read what's inside).