Vampire Fish vs. Petromyzon marinus

Let's get right into it, shall we? 

My advisor has an excellent habit of sending our lab 3 - 4 "scientific" articles a day.  Some articles are extremely in depth, well-versed, much science-y jargon, and so forth.  Others...refer to sea lampreys as vampire fish (piggy-backing off the vampire theme in the Animalia section as of late).

As my first FTDM blog post, I want to clear the air on this. The line between fact, fiction, and where science falls is becoming thinner and thinner with the rise of social media.  On the one hand, it's an excellent way to get the word out, no doubt about that. On the other, there's A LOT getting lost in translation, or getting completely thrown out altogether. I mean...vampire fish?...uh.

That being said; 

- Bad example -

- Okay example -  

- Yeeeaaaah!  Thumbs up! (example) -  

Okay, where am I going with this? Right away, there are distinctions that can be made between these three video clips. Each one is informative, but somehow there seems to be a strong negative correlation between information being dispersed and entertainment. Why can't we have both so everybody wins??

Photo on 8-15-13 at 12.08 PM.jpg

The latter figure is what I'm aiming for here. What all of us, here on FTDM, are aiming for, really.  I come to you with interests in the land of Biochemistry, and, as my advisor always tells me (rightfully so), "You can't learn the details without understanding the fundamentals."  On the same wavelength, I can't start throwing information at you about P. marinus glycoprotein hormones without you at least knowing what a sea lamprey even looks like. Calling it a vampire fish, however, may be pushing it.

Until again, FTDM!

Thoughts, comments, questions?