Scientists on vacation.

So Im sure if you're reading this blog, you are into science. I am darn sure you came across this fun comic through some realm of social media.



And oh so true too.

When I was at the beach with a friend and her family, I actually came across my study animal: the horseshoe crab. I picked it up and started giving a whole schpeel on them of what they are, how they function, why they're so cool (and they are cool!!)

Then I thought, darn Im nerdy.

Well, you know what? Being nerdy is awesome! 

I believe if you appreciate the world for more than what is just shown, you get a sense of its greater meaning; what it does, why it does what it does, how does it work, etc. The world offers so much to us (especially the beach as refuge from the New England heat wave), we should appreciate what it gives to us. 

Plus you get to sound really smart in front of your friends.  

So next time youre on the beach with your nerdy science friend, appreciate him/her and appreciate the world around you!