The wintergreens salad project

salad greens fall 2012

Demand for locally grown salad greens has grown in the past decade, especially during winter months.  Currently there are not enough New Hampshire producers growing salad greens to meet the demand of winter markets.  Many nursery growers have greenhouses that go unused from October to mid-March. Using this greenhouse bench space to grow cool temperature loving salad greens from October to February would benefit all parts of the community.  Growers will benefit by increasing their income during the off-season and consumers will have increased access to fresh, locally produced vegetables.

My research marries the techniques of bedding plant production on greenhouse bench-tops with high-density salad green production.  Growing on bench-tops in trays is slightly different than growing greens in ground.  Studies investigating germination, growth rate, media and varieties will help determine what the best practices are to make winter salad green production profitable.


Salad greens spring 2013