The Morning After.

  Last time I assured I'd bring things full circle with Biochemistry, neurohormones, and "vampire fish" in this post, but I simply could not resist discussing Thanksgiving!  Being the nerdy person I am, I started to wonder what are all those T-day chemicals doing in my belly after consumption?  Of course, I looked to the internet to seek an answer.  

  The American Chemical Society (ACS) has a whole collection on everything from how to prepare the perfect dinner to why we select the food choices we do.  Take a look:

  There are all sorts of interesting facts and facets about our food, why we like the tastes we do, and what it means when we get cravings for some foods over others.  For example, do you ever get a sudden urge to purchase a cheeseburger from your local McDonald's?  Well, why is that?  Dr. Cheryl M. Deroin provides a helpful table of the chemicals behind your cravings and healthy alternatives to those unhealthy choices.

  Food chemistry doesn't end here, there is a huge industry that goes along with it.  As it turns out, there's an entire scientific journal dedicated to food chemistry.  Let's not forget about the field of research closely associated with food chemistry known as Nutrition.  

  Still curious?  Check out the free online course offered by Harvard.

  Hopefully this short and sweet post cleared up a lot of your thoughts about Thanksgiving eats along with providing some insight to food chemistry.  Either way, on behalf of FTDM, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a quick recovery!

  Questions?  Comments?  Confusions?