I do a lot of stuff...

But mostly science.

Currently a grad student at University of New Hampshire, I am studying the temporal and spatial distribution of the American Horseshoe Crab (Limulus polyphemus) in a body of water called the Great Bay Estuary.

And yes, NH has coastline; 18 miles of it!

I've also researched the Bay Scallop (Argopecten irradians) and its population dynamics in Nantucket, MA as well as worked with scientists, colleagues,  and aquarists on American lobster (Homarus americanus) research, shark sensory biology, and marine mammal husbandry. 

I have experience in building and maintaining aquariums and water systems, public and community outreach, teaching and instruction. 

Feel free to review my work and research on my personal website.  

You can also read updates on my current research  on my research blog

Ive been interested in marine science since I started volunteering at my local aquarium as a high school student and even before that (what little girl doesn't love dolphins?)

Since then and to this day, I love the ocean and its marine-related aspects. Funny though, I am not fond on being on terrestial ground (hiking, camping, places wheres there are lots of bugs and insects)

And even funnier, could you believe I was born and raised in New York City???

When Im not doing science... 


I draw and paint mostly of landscapes and animals.  

I also do a lot of arts and crafts for fun.



I play guitar (acoustic and classical guitar) and sing. 

I usually do it for fun but once in a while, Ill play for an audience. 

I mostly play contemporary music but when I play classical guitar, Ill play flamenco and spanish guitar.  


I also love to cook and eat. I guess you can consider me a foodie.  

I love to cook new foods and eating new foods at "most-talked-about places" whether it be a four star restaurant (if I can afford it) or the hole-in-the-wall local clam shack. If it's the talk of the town, Im there! 

Feel free to view my food blog

Note: I update it occasionally! Trying to do a better job on updating it.