Christopher D. Wells


In a broad sense I'm interested in invertebrate community ecology, particularly invasion ecology and the ecology of symbioses. I'm also very interested in community succession and how it varies through space and time. My research focuses on marine invertebrates with an emphasis on sea anemones. The bulk of my work is done in the field on living organisms. Currently I'm a PhD student at the University of Washington.


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Research Interests

Ecology of Introduced Species

I'm interested in how introduced species impact their new community and how the community changes in response to the introduced species.

Succession of Fouling Communities

Fouling communities change across space and time.  They follow a semi-predictable succession impacted by temperature, salinity, and species interactions.  I'm interested in climax communities and how initial colonizers can inhibit or accelerate the succession process.

Ecology of Marine Mutualisms

Mutualisms have evolved many times across a diverse assemblage of invertebrates.  I'm particularly interested in relationships involving anthozoans (i.e. corals, anemones, etc) and the animals they host. 

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