Who we are

We are a collection of researchers working in a wide variety of fields including microbiology, ecology, agriculture, dairy science, marine biology, and the philosophy of science.  

What do we have in common?

A desire to bring science in easily digestible and understandable pieces for those who are interested.  Here, we plan to start a conversation about science, how science is done, and put this conversation in the context we understand best, the science that we do.

How often do you post?

We have regularly scheduled posts for Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week. Check back for posts by guests or experts on a particular topic on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Also, be sure to check out and like our Facebook page for extra tidbits related to science.

How did Feed the Data Monster project get started?

The original Feed the Data Monster crew met while pursuing graduate degrees at the University of New Hampshire. After taking a few courses focused on scientific communication together, we decided to take our work outside the lab and the classroom and Feed the Data Monster was born.

What is a ‘data monster’?

A data monster represents the constant need for data to answer scientific questions. Everyone is a data monster!